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Husband wants to rent a flat to explore open marriage

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Husband shocks wife with plans for an open marriage amid lockdown.

A devastated woman has shared her husband’s decision to open their relationship. He plans to rent a second flat for his rendezvous.
The woman says she was in disbelief when her husband suggested the idea out of the blue and in the middle of lockdown, the Mirror reports.

She asked him if it was “lockdown craziness talking”.

However, the husband had been planning on bringing up the idea for a couple of months before the lockdown started, according to the DailyStar.

He plans to reside at his flat during the week and then return home on weekends to the wife and children.

Writing on the MumsNet open forum, the mother (30) said her partner chose this time so she would have no choice except to continue living with him.

Her husband said that as part of the arrangement he would agree to “not form emotional connections” with anyone else and “prioritise” his wife and kids.

She in turn also has permission to see other men, but isn’t allowed to sleep with any of them.

“I’m gobsmacked. I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach,” she wrote anonymously.

“I can’t believe it. I don’t know whether to cry and feel completely devastated or if I should seriously consider what he’s offering. I’m all over the place.”

Mumsnet users offer support and some users even suggested she get out of the marriage as soon as possible.

“He’s already checked out of this marriage, I can’t see any way to come back from that. Get on the phone to a solicitor tomorrow and start getting your ducks in a row,” one user wrote.

“It sounds like he wants out but doesn’t want to be seen as the bad guy so he suggested this ludicrous option so you’ll break up with him,” another added.

“You should, he’s being so hurtful and disrespectful to you.”

Seems lockdown is bringing out many weird and wacky requests.

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