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I have infected 52 male lectures with HIV – UNZA student confesses

A fourth-year female student at the University of Zambia (UNZA) has confessed that she has infected 52 male lectures with HIV-positive during her study period at the campus in Lusaka.

Grace Matafwali 29, said in an emotional testimony at Gospel Mission Church in Kuku area, Lusaka, that when she was accepted at UNZA her lectures took advantage of her and forced her to have !ntercourse with them thereby infecting her. She says she decided to revenge by infecting others as well.

“I do not know who infected me but when I found out that I was HIV positive, I was so drained and miserable. I was depressed especially that I knew I was infected and the worst thing is I did not know who did that to me. Lecturers at UNZA have a tendency of asking for sexual favors from female students and if you do not give in, you fail. Being an orphan on bursary for that matter, I could not imagine failing so I gave in to about three lectures.

After some time, I developed some unusual sores on my private parts so I decided to do tests and that is how come I found that I was sick. But with time, I managed to put myself together and made a decision to equally infect others and revenge. Since my tests were done, I slept with 52 lecturers at UNZA without protection and I made sure that it was dry s3x so that I get bruises to ensure effective infection. When I sit down and think about this, I feel bad. I begun to seek Christ and that is how come I became born again. Am giving this testimony because I know I have been saved from the sins I committed.”

Grace Matafwali said in a testimony on Sunday 20 March, 2022.

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