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In Pics: Babes Wodumo takes over Eyadini Lounge, Zodwa Wabantu Watch Out!

In Pics: Babes Wodumo takes over Eyadini Lounge, Zodwa Wabantu Watch Out!… Eyadini Lounge has always been Zodwa Wabantu’s favourite hangout place but it seems Babes Wodumo is out to take over.

Babes Wodumo

I think Babes Wodumo has taken over from Zodwa Wabantu dance moves…. though Zodwa shows do offer something that Babes Wodumo doesn’t. (just thinking out loud). Anyways see more pictures of Babes Wodumo performance at Eyadini Lounge Below… Click on Next Page to see all pictures…

She was there to party and entertain… With an amazing yellow outfit suited for the dance floor.
The back view, even better!
She seems happy enough…
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