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In Pics: Dillish Mathews – Quick facts about me

In Pics: Dillish Mathews – Quick facts about me… We know the former Big Brother Africa winner, Dillish Mathews recently released a song featuring our very own Clea Ice Queen and so we glad she gave us a few quick facts about herself.

Dillish Mathews

Dillish Mathews shared some amazing pictures on her Instagram and this is what she told us about herself. So here are Quick Facts about Dillish Mathews…

*Quick facts about me *
1. My full names are Dillish Peyavali Helena Mathews.
2. I’m half Namibian and half Borana (The Borana Oromo people, also called the Boran, are a subethnic section of the Oromo people who live in southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya)

3. My dream car is a black Lamborghini.
4. I’m terrified of ALL animals but adore flowers and plants so much. Flora over fauna all day.
5. I’m a pasta freak.
6. I’m a real-life princess because I was 1st runner-up at the @missuniversityafricapageant (almost won but ALMOST doesn’t count)

Dillish Mathews
In my Queendom 👑

7. I’ve never watched a single episode of Game of Thrones ( come and beat me )
8. I’m good at imitating people.
9. I feel super s.exy when I wear matching underwear.
10. My cousin @latoyahandl and I once ran away from home and got the best siiiiilaaaaaaaps of our lives for that (don’t watch too much tv kids)
#funFacts #QuickFacts #RealLifePrincess#JourneyOfAHumbleDreamer

Dillish Mathews
“Hey baby “

There you have it all you need to know about Dillish Peyavali Helena Mathews.

Watch her latest video with Cleo Ice Queen called Lights….

Source: ZambiaNews365/Instagram

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