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infamous drug dealer who escaped DEC headquarters in court

Self-confessed cocaine and marijuana trafficker who recently avoided the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) during an interrogation at their offices made an appearance in court yesterday.

Allan Muvundo reportedly left the DEC headquarters in Lusaka in August of last year after he allegedly pulled a revolver during questioning and sent the cops fleeing for their lives.

According to reports, the suspect—who is thought to be an ex-offender—had previously been on the commission’s wanted list.

However, the suspect managed to avoid the DEC police during questioning and apparently fled with his car, which also had an AK-47 magazine and ammunition.

The suspect, who is also a businessman, appeared before the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court yesterday and was charged with two counts of trafficking in narcotic and psychoactive substances.

According to the allegations in all counts, Muvundo illegally trafficked 0.57 grams of cocaine and six grams of cannabis in Lusaka on December 20, 2022.

The suspect entered a guilty plea and acknowledged that he had been found in possession of the drugs when Lusaka Magistrate Keggan Litiya read out the accusations.

For the reading of the facts and the sentencing, the case was postponed to a later time.

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