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Inside Salma Sky’s Lavish Birthday Bash – Photos

Salma Sky

Zambian musician, Salma Sky celebrated her 35th birthday on Thursday, 22 November 2020 and has finally decided to give us a glimpse at the stunning soirée. Taking to Instagram on Saturday, 28 November 2020, the singer shared images of her party, which appeared to have been as fabulous as she is!Salma Sky1

Salma donned a velvet black dress which showed off her slender figure and enviously toned arms. The party, which took place in what appeared to be the high-end restaurant, Prime Joint, featured a stunning backdrop that had “celebrating Salma” printed across. She stated, “Life Should Not Only Be Lived, It Should Be Celebrated. Looking Back On My Beautiful Birthday Soirée, I Must Say To My “Terrific Ten” I Love You Guys, Birthdays Come & Go But Good Friends Come & Stay. You Were All Amazing For Making It; Your Presence, Love & Prayers Are The Ultimate Gift.”Salma Sky2

She went on to share visuals of the guests who were in attendance, that had come out amidst the COVID-19 pandemic to celebrate her milestone birthday. Her fans chose to ignore the fact that there were no protocols being followed at her party, and chose to focus on the fact that she was making the most of her time with her friends and family.selma

Salma Sky is a Zambian-born singer-songwriter who was born in in November 22, 1985. She gained popularity for her hit songs, 10 Years, Wonderful World and Folo Folo. In November 2012 she won Zambia’s highly viewed Born & Bred Award for Best R&B video and has been on the rise ever since. She has also become a largely influential online personality, boasting over 117 000 followers on Instagram.selma1

Aside from flaunting her lavish lifestyle, Salma has used her fame for good and often speaks up about causes close to her heard. In Instagram posts on Tuesday, 1 December 2020, the singer commemorated Worlds AIDS day by discussing the importance of breaking the stigma. She stated, “To Everyone I Love And Have Lost, Today Is About Me For You. We Are All In This Together. To Anyone Who Wants To Talk About Anything HIV/AIDS Related My Inbox Is Available All Day Today, You’ve Got A Friend In Me.”


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