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Inside Zambia’s military training

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The video circulating of recruits breaking down and collapsing by the roadside during military training is just a taste of what military training is all about. Basic training is designed to psychologically and physically transform the recruits to a more military mindset.

Military training is not for the weak and the faint hearted. It is designed to weed out the physically and mentally weak and all those who cannot submit to military discipline and all those who cannot stand adversity and discomfort.military

All those saying that was too harsh I wonder what they would think of French Foreign Legion and Royal Marine Training which is even tougher than our Zambian Army training.
The recruits were being urged to get up and form up so that they could be picked up by an ambulance.

The Army is not for sissies. Military service will take you to places and into situations so remote and inhospitable that your ability to just march and continue marching despite hunger and thirst will save your life. I wonder those people pitying the recruits know what they can possibly face in training or a CD tive service.military1

Like the route march with full equipment from Landless Corner to Mumbwa on foot that must be completed in a set time period ? Or going through an assault and obstacle course with instructors firing machine guns to ensure you keep your head down ?

Or that according to military folklore trainers plan that up to 10 per cent of recruits will be lost to injuries and deaths ?

Those crybabies would not have survived in Sierra Leone where soldiers were captured by rebels and had to survived on green mangoes, insects and rats they caught for two weeks because rebels never fed them.

Those sissies cannot survive in the desert and semi desert conditions of Imusho and Shangombo where a platoon of Zambian soldiers had to march out over 90 kilometers on foot with no food and water when their truck overturned.

Those sissies would have not managed to survive in the desert conditions of Darfur where a Zambia Army patrol had to walk back from deep in the desert when their Land cruiser broke down.

Those sissies cannot eat snakes, lizards, chameleons and grasshopers when rations run out and you are trapped 200 kilometers inside Mozambique and your only escape route is over 300 kilometers as did some Zambia Army soldiers in Mozambique.

Thise instructors were basically pleading with the recruits to get up and form up. People dont know. That kind of discipline and willpower can save your life. Their inability to just get up and form up so that an ambulance could pick them up automatically disqualified them. Military service is not for quitters.

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