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Iris Kaingu amazing on Vacay – Pictures

Iris Kaingu
Iris Kaingu looking all amazing on vacation

Iris Kaingu amazing on Vacay – Pictures. Zambia’s top celebrity is celebrating the end of 2018 in style and she looks amazing on vacation.

Iris Kaingu took to Instagram where she shared these amazing pictures and said: “You’ve been good to me my Darling 2k18! Vacay 🧜🏽‍♀️☘️….. 🥰”

Iris Kaingu
Iris Kaingu on vacation

Forget that Prince Harry Scandal as Iris Kaingu is really taking charge in these pictures…. she is more than amazing and we are loving every moment of this. She said: “Because you asked for ThickRii… 🕷 Happy Holidays lovers 😘”

Iris Kaingu
Iris Kaingu looking all amazing on vacation

She has a whole new foundation for 2019 and she shared this picture which has more words to express her wishes… She captioned this picture: “The setup… my 2k19 foundation 🌻” The picture had a message of its own and she read:

“I am so beautiful, in so many ways. What I have to offer is limitless. My aura is infectious. I radiate love, life, feminity, masculinity, s.ex, youth, happiness, healing, health, strength, duality. I’m my own healer, protector, opponent, muse. I love myself.”

Deep words there from Iris Kaingu and we wonder how 2019 will be like for the beautiful Zed Celebrity. We can all wait and see what the new year will bring.

Iris Kaingu
Iris Kaingu doing yoga

This is how Iris Kaingu keeps in shape and always looking amazing!

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