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Iris Kaingu Biography: Relationship, Age, Family, Education and Career

Iris Kaingu is the Daughter of former minister of justice Mr Michael Kaingu. She’s a flying queen and everyone in Zambia knows the top socialist Iris Kaingu. Arguably one of Zambia’s most beautiful ladies, followed on social media due to her popular trends that broke the internet, making people wanna know more amazing stuff about her.

Iris Kaingu

Carries the unmatched behaviour and courage that has made her one of Zambia‘s top recognized females, liked by most men. First caught the countries attention, when her s***** tape leaked and went viral.
From there, Iris Kaingu, began to dominate the showbiz. Slowly gained momentum, built followers on social media, instar gram, Facebook and Twitter, turning her into a celebrity. Below we’ve decided to share with you, 8 Interesting Facts About Iris Kaingu.

She Is Beautiful
Despite gaining success and popularity, through an adult tape she has continued to stand out. Iris Kaingu is the beauty representation of how amazing Zambian ladies are. Let’s face the facts, look at the eyes, nose and skin tone, not to mention the long beautiful smile that seems to attract mostly guys and comment sweet amazing things about her on Facebook.

Iris Kaingu

Comes From A Christian Home
Most people have stood to judge Iris, called her names and some went to lengths of blaming the parents. Well ever path this lady has chosen to follow. surely has nothing with the home she hails from. Both mother and father are known to be strong members of the New Apostolic Church.

She Loves The Poor
Despite being labelled names, Iris has proven to be a saint to many people especially the less privileged in society. Respects the cultural ethics in Zambia and last year in 2019 launched the Kaingu foundation for orphans and elderly people. Clearly, this beats against all odds and a challenge that many people who criticize her have not done.

Iris Kaingu

She Has Money
Iris Kaingu is not just the Queen of social media but one of the most successful ladies in Zambia today. Owns Kaingu safari lodge, toils harder and glides more each year, shes the most featured individual in local magazines and Zambian newspapers. Mostly invited at VIP events and top government officials continue to give her preferential treatment.

She is the firstborn with other three beautiful female siblings. Continued to prove her attachments with family, posted on her page and urged people not to be like her and put the family in pain. Spices the family legacy and all in the lineage of Kaingu blood have beautiful soul taking beauty and eyes unless you’re looking at this from the hater perspective.

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