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Iris Kaingu is ready for Christmas – Pictures

Iris Kaingu

Iris Kaingu is ready for Christmas and she has the proof right here in form of pictures and we simply love all of them. The Zambian socialite took to Instagram and shared these amazing pictures that really set the mood for Christmas across the Christian Nation.

Iris Kaingu captioned one of the pictures – “High……. Ready for Wednesday like 🦋”. You might think these pictures are not your normal saucy Iris Kaingu pictures but trust me, these show more growth and class.

Iris Kaingu
High……. Ready for Wednesday like 🦋

How better to celebrate the birth of Christ than in a formal classy outfit that shows class. That is Iris Kaingu right about now, we wonder what she will be wearing for her Christmas Celebrations. The frontal view is even much better, but the caption is simply Amazing!

She said – As I look beyond it all….. my confidence Lord, is that you’ve never failed me yet!!- your will be done in my life always 💋 I love you, Jesus

Iris Kaingu

Seems Iris has already set the Christmas mood and I wonder what kind of sauce she will bring this bikini season? Seeing that Christmas is a few hours away, we wish you all the best and please try to stay safe.

I know all you might be wondering what we mean by bikini season, but we will let these pictures of Iris Kaingu do the explaining. Merry Christmas to all!

Iris Kaingu
et. Noir 🐺. Kini season is still on!

Even in black and white, the pictures look stunning and you gotta love that outfit! What do you think, tell us in comments.

Iris Kaingu

Source – ZambiaNews365/Instagram

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