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Iris Kaingu Shows Off hidden talents in bed

iris kaingu

Iris Kaingu is definitely Zambia’s very own sweetheart, We just can not get enough of her. She that type of woman every guy wants to marry and every woman wants to be like. You have got to love the diversity in this woman.

Iris KainguFrom cultural heritage appreciation, awesome fashion sense and am sure acting can be added to her skillsets if she wanted to.

Iris Kaingu

A lot of controversy has surrounded this Zambian socialite yet somehow she always manages to rise above all that and sore as like an eagle as a queen like she is should.

Iris Kaingu
Early Morning Grind.. ✨
I love My Job 😍

Lately, in addition to her artistic skills, Iris Kaingu has shown us another hidden talent she has as she posted a video in bed on social media.

Iris Kaingu
Hello spring time 🤗

I must say if she wanted to Iris Kaingu would have been one of the leading songstresses in the country. Here is a video she posted on social media as she showed off her musical talent. Iris is the Queen of Zambian Socialite.