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Iris Kaingu shows some major Leg at fundraising dinner – Pictures, Video

Iris Kaingu Dancing

Iris Kaingu shows some major Leg at a fundraising dinner and we can’t get enough of her pictures and video. Taking to Instagram, the Zambian Celebrity shared these pictures and video and said – “Nc’wala Fundraising Dinner. Truly exceptional cultural display. A Big Thank you to HRH for hosting us. Only a few more days to D – Day! Ps: Zero Dance Moves lol 😂 #BaYeteNwenyama”

Iris Kaingu Dancing

What really caught our attention was her fashion choices. What looked like a good enough dress for dancing at the fundraising dinner ended up attracting some major attention as Iris Kaingu got into her dancing mood. Although she acknowledged that she is not a very good dancer, she was showing off some interesting skills and most of all showing off some major leg.

Iris Kaingu Dancing

You gotta agree that Iris Kaingu looks really well in red and those dance moves above just make the whole situation interesting. She really was in character despite the fact that she was dressed differently.

Watch the video below and see how Iris Kaingu took over the fundraising dinner with her dance moves. She rocked the dance floor and we can’t get enough of her.

How are those dance moves to spice up your weekend? She really was in a grooving mood.

Source – ZambiaNews365/Instagram

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