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Iris Kaingu sister makes a S.E.X video

Socialite Iris Kaingu said her sisters are now “ripe for use” – whatever she meant two years ago, now we know.

In a picture caption in 2018 she posed with her younger sisters, and wrote: “The Iris Kaingu girls, oh my gosh, they are finally ripe for use”.

Iris Kaingu

Iris Kaingu’s father Michael Kaingu is a former minister in the MMD government. Her sister Namatama seems to have been having fun with her friends and it turned bad after this video was leaked on social media.

Now we know what Iris meant two years ago when she posted on social media,  now one of her sisters Namatama Kaingu made a s.e.x video.

Watch the video here

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Flo Masebe

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Source – ZambiaNews365

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