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Israel Provides 150 Agriculture Students With Paid Internships

150 Zambian students studying agriculture and related subjects have been awarded paid internships in Israel.

Students from several universities and colleges in Zambia will be put at chosen farms as part of the internship program run by Mashav, Israel’s Aid Agency, where they will learn about contemporary agricultural techniques that will improve food security.

The students who are anticipated in Israel before the end of this year will stay there for 11 months, according to Mashav Head -EYNAT SHLEIN.

After their internship, the students will receive additional support, according to Ms. SHLEIN, to make sure they apply and recreate what they learned in Israel in Zambia.

When she met journalists from Zambia, Rwanda, and Kenya at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem, Ms. SHLEIN made this statement.

The journalists are in Israel for a working trip that aims to emphasize relations between Israel and Africa.

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