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Israeli NGOs are instructed to work with locals

OFRA FARHI, the Israeli ambassador to Zambia, has urged Israeli non-governmental organizations there to work with the local population.

According to Ambassador FARHI, the locals are aware of what is beneficial to them in a variety of areas.

She claims she is content with the bilateral ties between her nation and Zambia.

In Chipata, Eastern Province, during a meeting with government representatives, lawmakers, and community leaders, Ambassador FARHI was speaking.

She is in the Eastern Province to monitor the initiatives being carried out in the region by the Israeli company Innovation Africa.

SIVAN YAARI, the chief executive officer of Innovation Africa, has announced that her company is growing into the Kasenengwa and Chipangali areas in Eastern Province.

Over 69 water and solar projects have been carried out by Innovation Africa in various regions of the nation.

Mayor of Chipata George Mwanza hailed Israeli technology investment in the city at the same time.

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