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Italy train crash leaves two dead and 18 injured

Two people were killed and many others injured after a train derailed in the north of Italy close to Turin, Italian media said.

The incident occurred late Wednesday when the train hit a large truck that had stopped on a level crossing, causing three carriages to come off the rails, according to television footage.

“At 11.20 pm the regional train 10027 Turin-Ivrea hit a heavy goods vehicle that had stopped on a functioning level crossing after crashing through the barriers,” RFI, which manages Italy’s rail network, said in a statement.

Italy train

“According to early information, the driver of the train was killed and many other passengers have been injured,” the statement added.

According to the AGI news agency, the second victim was taken to a Turin hospital by helicopter with severe injuries but he did not survive.

At the time of the accident he was in a van accompanying the heavy goods vehicle, other media reported.

According to La Stampa newspaper, eyewitnesses said the vehicle, which was registered in Lithuania, looked to be a particularly large and heavy truck.

The van that was in front of it passed safely through the level crossing but when the barriers started to come down, the vehicle failed to brake in time and came to a stop on the tracks, the newspaper said.

Many others have been hospitalised, including four who are in a serious condition, media reported.

AGI said one passenger, a woman, was in a serious condition after sustaining a head injury but she remains conscious.

“Everything happened so fast, I felt the train break suddenly and then I found myself in hell and around me everything was black,” Paolo Malgioglio, 23, told le Corriere Della Sera newspaper.

It comes after another accident in April 2017 in the north that killed two people and resulted in the temporary closure of the main railway line between Italy and Austria.

In July 2016 a collision between two trains in the south of Italy left 23 people dead and 52 others injured.


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