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Kefilwe Mabote reacts to Jackie Phamotse’s snake claims

Kefilwe Mabote is the latest celebrity to weigh in on the allegations by author and former slay queen Jackie Phamotse that celebrities use snakes and dark magic to acquire money and fame.

A lot of Mzansi celebs have gone on to indirectly slam the claims. The Influencer and businesswoman also shared her thoughts on the matter in a brief post.

Kefilwe Mabote

Taking to her popular Instagram account, Kefilwe shared a post which we think was directed to Jackie’s controversial claims. In the first frame, she shared a snap of herself on a plane living lavish and in the second frame, there are two videos of herself, one holding a large snake on her shoulders and the other next to a different snake.

Zi-right Zi-sssnakes?” She captioned her post. “People will now be scared of sabaweling a Ssssoft life and going to Ssssnake parks because bazothi “Sssssithwele”lives

A lot of local celebs have laughed off and rubbished these claims from Phamotse that they use supernatural powers for their wealth. Many have been angered by this because they believe that they’ve worked hard enough for their success. Jackie has come under a lot of fire since her viral live video.

Fitness Bunny Sbahle Mpisane also slammed the claims from Jackie after a video she reposted of a large snake went viral. Tweeps joked that it belonged to Ma Mkhize. However, Sbahle quickly rubbished the claims.

DJ Fresh also joined in the conversation by poking fun at Jackie’s claims. He shared a video of himself holding a snake.

Before heading to bed two nights back, Phamotse took to her social media to resound to the backlash she’s received for her claims and had this to say.

“I said what I said!” She captioned her address. ” I can’t force someone to do a live’ when they feel threatened. I had to wait like everyone. It’s important to respect people and give them a fair chance. He doesn’t normally do live’s and this is way beyond hi, I truly tried guys.

In other news – Shauwn Mkhize’s daughter Sbahle responds to Jackie Phamotse, sets the record straight about the viral snake video

Sbahle Mpisane has had to come out and respond to rumors that her family is rich because they are using black magic. This come after author Jackie Phamotse went on Instagram Live and started a fiery conversation about wealthy celebrities who have acquired their wealth using dark magic.

Shauwn Mkhize daughter Sbahle responds to Jackie Phamotse

Although she didn’t name any names she talked about celebs who use snakes to gain wealth. Learn More

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