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Jackson Silavwe ordered to apologise to the nation for abusing the ZCID

Jackson Silavwe

Jackson Silavwe ordered to apologise to the nation for abusing the ZCID

Jackson stunned ECZ and President Edgar Lungu at Mulungushi Conference last week during the President’s Summit.

Jackson made a strong stand against the expectation of ECZ and President Lungu during the Summit proceedings and I remember that it was actually me who clapped the loudest during the exchange of arguments between Jackson and the ECZ officials.

But I want my personal Friend of many years Jackson to apologise to the nation for abusing ZCID where he is still serving as Chairperson, and where he served as Director for Political Parties outside parliament, during the formulation of the National Dialogue Forum, NDF which gave birth to the infamous bill ten.

Every ZCID member knows that millions of funds landed from the statehouse and the ministry of Justice to ZCID in order to facilitate the formulation of bill ten.

It was Jackson who led a group of ZCID surrogate political parties of the PF to arm twist the Commonwealth representatives from Zambia led by Professor Gambari under the observation of Patricia Scotland the Commonwealth Secretary.

The Opposition Alliance at some point even pulled out of the ZCID because of a Statehouse-manipulated-Jackson silavwe and other Surrogates who unholily interpreted statehouse instructions to draw a road map to bill ten.

We are still struggling with bill ten because Jackson and Hamududu triple H and others got used by Edgar Lungu to drive the church from the national dialogue and reconciliation process when they maintained that the church should not lead and chair the national dialogue process. It was ZCID under Jackson that statehouse used to choke and insult the church out of the national dialogue and reconciliation process, such that even when the church officially launched the National Dialogue and reconciliation process, Jackson was not there by the instructions of the PF who also absconded together with the same Jackson led ZCID.

When we had a strategic meeting at Pamozdi Hotel with President HH, President Charles Milupi, Edith Nawakwi, pf Secretary Generals Mumbi Phiri and Davis Mwila, Antonio Mwanza, SC Sakwiba Sikota, FDD’s Chifumu Banda, Wynter Kabimba, Raphael Nakachinda, Hon Silvia Masebo and of course others that included Sean Tembo, Jackson Silavwe followed the PF crew led by Davis Mwila in walking out on us. They left the conversation table as pf and I remember MDC President Felix Mutati was also there. Jackson followed the PF in walking out, leaving us with President HH on the table.

My question is that now that Jackson seems to have come back to his senses, can he

  1. Apologise to the church for playing pivotal role in removing it from the National Dialogue Process using ZCID?

  2. Can Jackson apologise to the Commonwealth for unceremoniously chasing them out of Zambia using ZCID by claiming that Zambia is a sovereign country?

  3. Is Jackson still supporting bill ten?

  4. Can Jackson disclose how much millions and who funded ZCID at NDF?

My last personal message for Zambian youths is that we are not fools us that are fighting for correctness 24/7. Don’t late money people abuse you then you regret later after you have already caused irreversible damage to the country like the damage Jackson has caused this nation for using ZCID in backing bill ten which is a criminal and mafia law backed by the PF.

I call for complete public repentance from Jackson Silavwe and if my write up injures you my brother I am sorry but am still sweating from the hustle we have gone through in fighting against bill ten which yourself, chilufya Tayali, Andrew Ntewewe, Isaac Mwanza, Musona, Peter Chanda and other PF Surrogates like Wynter Kabimba, EDITH NAWAKWI, and Raphael Nakachinda profusely backed.

-Zambian Observer

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