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Jacob Zuma told to report back to jail

Former South African President Jacob Zuma has been ordered to report back to prison after the Supreme Court of Appeal upheld an earlier decision that his medical parole had been illegal.

However, it’s unclear if he will serve any further time behind bars.

The 80-year-old received a 15-month term for contempt of court last year after declining to testify during a corruption inquiry.

More than 300 people were killed during violent demonstrations over his imprisonment that broke out in KwaZulu Natal province and other parts of South Africa.

Because serving two months in prison, Zuma was freed after his attorneys claimed he had an undiagnosed terminal disease.

In their unanimous decision on Monday, the justices stated that the prison administration should consider whether or not the time the former president spent illegally outside of prison should be added to his sentence.

Zuma needed medical attention that could not be given in a prison setting, according to the former president’s attorneys, who may now appeal the case to the Constitutional Court.

Although it is a legal issue, it has historically had political ramifications. There are also worries that the unrest from last July can occur again if he is sent back to prison.

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