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Jalang’o speaks up about being dumped because he was broke

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Comedian Jalang’o now has money and all the finer things it comes with. Life is good now but it wasn’t like that early in his career.

The comedian has managed to hustle from just a typical citizen to a millionaire thanks to his talent. Before marrying his current lover Amina Chao, the comedian underwent a few heartbreaks that he still carries the scars.

In his Vlog, Jalas recently hosted the controversial Aoko Otieno who has been making waves for her views in marriages and relationships. The two spoke a lot on how couples should relate and interact in case they want longevity.

The talk got us revisiting some of Jalang’o’s confessions about his relationship and the troubles he has been through.

In 2017 during his then Breakfast show at Hot 96 Jalang’o, recounted a lady known as Emily Nduta who left him because he wasn’t in her class. The two had met in Kenya National Theater when Jalango was a freshman in the media industry.

“You see, whether you have money or not, you fall in love and you get to like a woman of your desires. So I loved a girl at the National Theater called Emily. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I would go to watch her.Here's a list of some of Kenya's richest celebrities

“She got to know that I loved her and after a long time, she could not take it because, at the time, I only had two trousers. So she one day asked me to take her fo lunch,” Jalango recalled.

Jalang’o couldn’t even buy her lunch.

“I told her, ‘I wish I could but I am financially embarrassed.'” Jalango narrated.

“She told me, ‘you know what Felix, we are very different and I do not want to waste your time. Your friends are not compatible with mine is your neighbourhood. This was not meant to be’,” he added.

Jalas mentioned another lady who claimed she was carrying his baby only for her to drop the accusations upon learning Jalas didn’t have money.

“She visited me twice in my place and after visiting me the second time she was like this is not the life she expected so she broke it off and got into another relationship,” he said.

Source: Kelebrity