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Jessica Nkosi reveals how her Family reacted when she got Pregnant before Marriage

Jessica Nkosi may have gotten prego before she had a ring on her finger but that didn’t stop her family from giving her love and support that she needed.

Telling the public that she was expecting was something Jessica found very hard to do and revealing that Ntokozo “TK” Dlamini was the father was even harder. Jessica’s deep-rooted Christian upbringing made her unwedded pregnancy a very touchy subject. In a recent interview on Metro FM with Pearl Modiadie and Thomas Msengana, Jessica spilt the tea on how her family took the news.


Surprisingly Jessica’s mom was undeniably excited and filled with joy immediately. Jessica said that her mom even said that it was about time. Never once did Jessica have to face the dreaded baby before marriage talk despite her Christian upbringing. Her family was supportive from the get-go and they all love her baby girl dearly. Jessica strongly believes that no child is a mistake nor are they a sin – even if they were conceived in a supposedly ungodly manner.

Source: News365

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