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Heart-broken Jo-Anne Reyneke speaks on being attacked for failing to look after her Mom

Jo-Anne Reyneke

Not so long ago, it was Gqo star TNS who was criticized for not providing for his family by not plastering their house. Now it’s Mzansi’s award-winning actress Jo-Anne Reyneke who was dragged for forgetting her family.

Jo-Anne Reyneke

The Vereeniging born starlet who first rose to fame as Pearl on Muvhango recently revealed in a radio interview how she received a lot of criticism in her early career days from outsiders who felt she was failing to improve her family home.

Jo-Anne said people would ask her mother why their house was still fenced and why there where no improvements. Jo-Anne said she was compared to her peers who married rich whilst she was doing it all by herself. Thankfully her mother defended her from critics.

Jo-Anne Reyneke

“‘My child was not born to take care of me, my child did not go to Joburg to take care of this family. We’ve never asked Jo-Anne for a cent, we’ll never ask her for a cent. She will give what she wants to give. I’m a mother, I’m a working woman. This is my house, this is my family, I’m supposed to be…’”, Jo-Anne said on her mother’s reaction to the critics. “I felt very proud. My mom is satisfied with what I’ve been doing. ” Jo-Anne added.


Jo-Anne is not the only celebrity who has been accused of not improving her family home as recently in a video music producer Nkazimulo ‘TNS’ Ngema was approached by two men accusing him of buying a car instead of plastering his parents house.

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