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Funeral details for actor Joe Kazadi’s brother announced

Ex-Rhythm City actor Joe Kazadi, took to his Instagram account in May to announce that his brother Christian Kazadi had died.

Circumstances surrounding the entrepreneur’s cause of death remain sketchy, but according to social media speculations, it is alleged that he died in a shooting in his home country, in Congo.

Chris was a rising media mogul and he was founder of the media company Click Media SA. His passing came after he had just attended the prestigious Forbes Under 30 Summit in Botswana last month.

Taking to his social media accounts, Joe has announced his funeral service details. According to his Instagram post, Chris will be laid to rest this coming Saturday. His funeral service will take place at the Rhema Bible Church in Randburg on 18 June from 10am-12pm. He also said that everyone is welcome to attend the funeral service.

“We are finally putting my brother @therealkazadi to rest this Saturday 🙏🏽 these are all the details. It’s a very sensitive matter to us we owe no one any explanation on his passing please respect that,” captioned the post.

His fans took to the comments section to send their heartfelt messages of condolences to his family.

n6oflife commented “I’m so sorry. Pls accept my condolences. Kris you as an amazing guy. I’m so sorry. I’m in tears right now.”

paulkamanga commented ” mu brother. I have dreaded this day for a long time.”

scishmtwesi “No ways!!!!! My favourite human. I’m shocked for days.💔💔 I’m so sorry. My condolences.”

britneyy_bvbe “my condolences and may his soul rest in peace.”

kgadidmohlabe “Am so sorry for your loss.”

Announcing his passing in May, Joe expressed his heartbreak at his untimely passing. He said he was proud of him that he broke boundaries in a foreign country.

“My blood first of all as your Big bro I am so proud of you Kazadi wa mawu, you did the impossible in a country that not our own. From the south where we saw some of the hardest struggles as foreign kids , you rised up like it’s was home. Kazadi what will be my career without you my bro! Few days ago we were supposed to go out for a drink and plan our new venture and when I couldn’t make it , wow you were so disappointed but now I understand Chris.”

He said he was heartbroken that he got killed back at home, where he was supposed to be safe.

Christian Kazadi

“Now I am at the back of a car crying on my way to go comfort Mom. I am so sorry my G I am sorry that our own killed you at home where you supposed to be safe. I am sorry that we weren’t there to protect you.”


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