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Jonas Chanda warns Zambia is not immune to third wave Covid-19 threat

Jonas Chanda

Minister of Health, Jonas Chanda says Zambia is not immune to the current threat of the third wave of Covid-19 that European countries and some parts of Africa are grappling with.

Dr Chanda has however reassured that the Covid-19 vaccine acquisition and deployment programme the government has put in place will mitigate the threat.

“With countries in Europe and some parts of Africa currently grappling with a third wave, it is clear that Zambia is not immune to the threat of a third wave. As we put in place the necessary measures to avert or mitigate this, we are confident that the Covid-19 Vaccine Acquisition and Deployment programme will be a critical additional piece to our Covid-19 Response Strategy,” he explained.

Mr. Chanda said the Ministry will continue to actively engage the numerous players within the private sector who have expressed keen interest in supporting the vaccination programme and explore other avenues of resource mobilization.

The Minister said the pandemic has been a source of many lessons, both at a global and local level.

“Our own eight-pronged response strategy has undergone review and refinement to ensure that as the pandemic has evolved we have been able to stay ahead of the curve to continually mount an effective response,” he pointed

Dr Chanda explained that evidence from current trends globally and in Africa are worrying as it is a clear indication that the Covid-19 pandemic is still raging.

He added that the Ministry is heavily investing in ensuring that deployed staff are adequately trained to efficiently carry out the programme.

In his Covid-19 update, Mr. Chanda revealed that the country has recorded One Hundred and Forty-Four new cases out of 5,339 tests conducted.

“This brings the cumulative number of confirmed cases recorded to date to 87,727. The new cases broken down by province are as follows: 42 Lusaka, 33 Luapula, 17 North-western, 12 Eastern, 12 Southern, 10 Copperbelt, 8 Northern, 6 Central, 2 Muchinga, and 2 Western. Of the 144 positive samples, 108 were collected within the last 24-72 hours whereas 36 were older than 72 hours. The cumulative number of COVID-19 related deaths recorded now stands at 1,198, classified as 665 COVID deaths and 533 COVID-19 associated deaths,” he added.

Furthermore, Mr Chanda explained that 246 combined discharges were recorded from both the COVID-19 isolation facilities and home management, bringing the cumulative number of recoveries to 84,264.

“We currently have 2,265 active cases, of whom 2,163 are under community management and 102 are admitted to our COVID-19 isolation facilities. Among those admitted, 79 are on Oxygen therapy and 18 are in critical condition” he indicated.

Mr. Chanda said weekends are a challenge to curb community transmission, with the creation.

He urged the public to play their part in ensuring adherence to Covid-19 guidelines, be it as an individual, family or business owner.

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