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Julius Malema ex housemaid shows off her child who looks exactly like the politician

A Former Lady from Zimbabwe Harare, who worked for the EFF CIC Julius Malema now has a child.

This statement was really of people from social media, who thought the Child looks alike EFF Leader Julius Malema.

Which was a huge Accusation Considering that the Lady did work for Julius Malema, she was Actually Staying at his and Sleeping there as part of her Job as A helper around the house.

The Former Maid was Seen sharing pictures of her self and her Child on Social Media Platforms that she engages on, hence many people know she uses to work for the CIC in his Johannesburg house in Sandton.

This was what made many people think the father of the Child might be the CIC Julius Malema, many recall he was not even Married at the time but we can’t verify this claim.

In Other News: Man caught on camera using Juju to have s.e.x with a woman in a shop: Video

. Video of a man having s.e.x with a woman in a supermarket has gone viral on social media with people really shocked with the age of the man who was doing this African Juju way of having s.e.x with someone in the daylight unknowingly.

In Zimbabwe this kind of act is common and it called Mubobobo, where man use juju to have s.e.x with a woman of their choice. In some cases, the woman will...learn more

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