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Kabwe School of nursing gassed as USA issues security alert on Zambia

Kabwe School of nursing gassed

Rumours of ritualistic killings and residential gassings have led to incidents of civil unrest and vigilante justice in multiple provinces throughout Zambia.

Reports of rioting and civil disturbances are increasing in some provinces, to include Lusaka. Citizen groups are targeting individuals suspected of being involved in the rituals, gassings, or any other criminal activity. Additional reactive actions include assault and severe injury of suspects, destruction of vehicles and buildings, impromptu protests, roadblocks, and road closures, and retaliation against police forces. Criminal elements may also take advantage of the unrest and utilize these regional instabilities to further their unlawful behaviour.

Actions to Take:

Take personal responsibility for your security, and that of your families, especially during times of unrest and civil disobedience.

Avoid areas that reported to have demonstrations, riots, or protests. Seek confirmation that the civil unrest has subsided, and the situation has normalized before re-entering affected areas.

Plan your travel accordingly, exercise caution, allow extra travel time and consider an alternate route in case of road closures. If possible, communicate travel plans with colleagues, family members, or friends.

If the situation becomes dangerous, move to a safe area, or proceed to the nearest police station.

Always keep doors and windows of your home, temporary quarters, and vehicle closed and locked. Do not leave any items of value in vehicles parked in public places.

Avoid walking alone, especially at night, and take extra precautions when traversing areas with higher crime rates.


U.S. Embassy Lusaka
Phone: +(260) 211-357-000
+(260) 966-050-123
+(260) 761-107-000
Email: [email protected]
State Department – Consular Affairs +1-888-407-4747 or +1-202-501-4444

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Source – Zambian Watchdog

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