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Kafue National Park is in African Parks’ ambitious plans.

As part of a 20-year agreement with the Zambian government for the maintenance of the park, AFRICAN Parks has announced that it will provide at least US$4 million yearly to Kafue National Park.

African Parks Chief Executive Officer, Peter Fearnhead, stated that the company’s annual investment in Zambia will be between $11 and $12 million to support Liuwa, Bangweula, and Kafue national parks during the launch of the conservation collaborative agreement between the ministry of tourism and African Parks Network Limited on the management of the Kafue National Park and support to the surrounding game management areas at Chunga headquarters.

According to Mr. Fearnhead, this represents African Parks’ largest commitment to a single African nation.

According to him, this will result in the creation of more than 750 jobs in the national parks of Liuwa, Bangweulu, and Kafue.

Mr. Fearnhead added that the park management’s $7 million budget for the first year of operations had already been authorized.

According to him, African Parks has agreed to reimburse the government for all park-related expenses, including the wages of law enforcement officials, which will save the government $800,000 annually.

The government will also take 20% of all park-related revenue, he continued, with the remaining money going back into the national park.

The signing of the agreement marks a significant milestone in the management of protected areas in Zambia, according to Tourism Minister Rodney Sikumba, who presided over the event.

According to Mr. Sikumba, the 20-year project will guarantee the development of the Kafue National Park, transforming it into a top tourist destination, provide significant benefits to local communities, support Zambia’s commitment to fighting climate change, and contribute to economic growth at the regional and national levels.

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