Kalulushi student gang r@ped

A first-year Catholic University student has been gang-r@ped and left for dead by unknown people in Kalulushi district on the Copperbelt. Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga says police have since launched a manhunt for the three suspects who are believed to have raped the student.

Ms Katanga said the incident happened on Monday along JVC road in Kalulushi’s North Kalengwa area.

She disclosed in an interview with ZANIS that the incidence happened around 23 hours after the victim whose name has been withheld was on her way home after an evening out with her boyfriend.

Ms Katanga said some unknown people who were driving an unregistered silver Toyota corolla offered a lift to them, but later the three occupants forced the boyfriend out of the car and drove off to JVC where they parked and forcefully took turns raping her.

The men later dropped her near the Catholic university premises. She said the victim was only picked and taken to hospital by well-wishers after they found her lying on the ground while crying for help alongside the road. Ms Katanga said investigations into the matter have since intensified.

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Source: Lusakatimes