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Kambwili’s arrest labelled a tactical political move

Chishimba Kambwili

Kambwili’s arrest labelled a tactical political move

If ECL and his cohorts were imperialist then, Zambia wouldn’t have gotten Independence.
They call him a humble leader but I call him a humble evil leader who does not deserve to be a leader because he does not equal to that.

Kambwili fought battles to have ECL become president but because of his evil heart, Kambwili has become a victim.

Kambwili’s a sentencing is nothing much but political persecution.

We have seen vicious gassing terrorists who up to this hour have not been sentenced.
We have seen more procurement evils of fire tenders, ambulances and medicines, misuse of public funds, the 48 houses, but non has been jailed and are all free enjoying the loot.

Kambwili fell of the evil ‘grace’ of ECL the moment he raised his political horn against ECL a move that left ECL with no option but suit Kambwili with a befitting punishment which has finally been accomplished.

Kambwili became more hated the moment he decided to partner in an alliance with HH the more hated person by ECL.

ECL has not accomplished his mission yet because his biggest target is HH who he has openly talked about that he shall never be president of Zambia.

If Kambwili truly committed a jail offence, why was he not jailed when he was still under PF regime?

Kambwili’s jail sentencing has exposed ECL’s rule that many in his leadership that have committed offences are being shielded from prosecution because they are still worshiping him.

Kambwili became ECL’s enemy the moment he stopped worshiping him.

Let ECL be reminded that a stone thrown in the sky will always land from where it came from.
Today you have crucified Kambwili but worse punishment awaits you after 2021, only if you will be a free man then..

UPND and some independent MPs, stand up and save Zambia from dictatorship tendencies coming up through BILL 10 to be presented in the house of laws this Friday by walking out of parliament.

In Other News: Chishimba Kambwili taken to prison – Video

NDC leader, Chishimba Kambwili has been sentenced to two years imprisonment after being found guilty on one count of forgery and another of uttering a false document.

Magistrate David Simusamba has sentenced the NDC leader following a more than two hours judgement, in which he acquitted the accused of the allegation of giving false information to a public officer…Watch the video here