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Kamwendo wants his money he tells Nomads


Flames and Be Forward Wanderers FC legend Joseph Kamwendo has taken a swipe at the Nomads for refusing to pay him his monthly salary for the past three months.

The former midfield maestro was given a new role as Technical Assistant at the club following his decision to retire from football.

However, Kamwendo has revealed that he is not receiving his monthly salary from the club, a situation which has forced him to come out in the open to show his frustrations.

According to Kamwendo, he is surprised that he is not getting paid when his fellow coaches and youth sides are receiving their salaries.

“I find it very unfair during this difficult period of Covid-19 pandemic, they are treating me like this. Now, I think it’s too much, I cannot continue suffering with my family.

“When I first enquired, in March [this year], the GS Maunde told me that the club would stop paying me until the Covid-19 pandemic situation improves following the sponsor’s [Be Forward Limited] decision to cut sponsorship.

“Then all of a sudden, they told me that it is because I do not have a contract yet when I was offered the technical position by the previous executive committee, I was being paid on the understanding that a formal contract would be prepared,” Kamwendo told Nation Newspaper.

The former Flames player added that he has had enough and that his patience has now worn thin.

He said: “That they have not processed the contract is not of my making and my colleagues are getting paid yet they also do not have contracts. I was being paid without a contract last season up to sometime in February this year, why not now? They can’t treat me like this after all my contribution,” he told the Nation.

But reacting to the news, General Secretary for Wanderers Victor Maunde said Kamwendo was no longer their player hence the decision to stop paying him his salaries.A 40 year old man has committed suicide for being served rice

“When we were ushered into office, we found that he had retired and we had no basis to continue paying him.

“So, as an executive committee we agreed to sit down with him to formalise his role and as we were in the process of doing that, our sponsor cut the sponsorship by half due to effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It was, therefore, agreed that we wait until the situation normalises. Anyway, I do not want to comment much because Kamwendo talks too much, he is fond of putting words into other people’s mouths. For the record, I never told him that we had stopped paying him because of the effects of Covid-19, that is not true,” he was quoted by the same newspaper.

Source: Malawi24

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