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Kapiri mposhi farmers receive inputs


Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner, Smart Mwila has disclosed that over 22,300 small scale farmers have collected their farming inputs under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP).

This is out of the total of 27,780 farmers targeted to benefit inputs under FISP in the 2020/2021 farming season.

Mr Mwila said the remaining 5,423 farmers have partially redeemed and will be getting their inputs before the end of this week.

Giving an update on the 2020/2021 FISP performance Mr. Mwila, said the district has already distributed 100 percent of D-compound and 95 percent of Urea fertilisers to small scale farmers.

He added that all the targeted 27,735 individual farmers who managed to redeem their inputs have already received maize and sorghum seed allocation.

“The only farmers remaining are those waiting for legumes such as groundnuts and soya beans otherwise in terms of distribution, we are at 100 D-compound, 95 percent Urea and we have distributed maize and sorghum seed to all the farmers and we expect to give out the remainder of the inputs this week,” Mr Mwila said.

Mr Mwila has since commended government for the early distribution of farming inputs during this farming season.

And District Marketing Development Officer, Remy Kasonteka has disclosed that 45 small scale farmers failed to redeem their inputs despite obtaining the Authority to Deposit ( ATD) from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Mr Kasonteka said all the farmers who have deposited their contributions have been issued with the Authority to Collect (ATC) input certificates from the engaged agro dealers.

Government engaged ETG and Nyimba Investments to supply farming inputs for the 2020/2021 farming season in Kapiri Mposhi district.

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