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Kawambwa nurse murdered by a boy she was taking care of

A 36-year-old nurse of Kawambwa District in Luapula Province has allegedly been murdered by a 21-year-old man she was keeping. Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga stated that the matter was reported by Lucy Namposya who is a relative to the deceased and also a worker at Kawambwa hospital.
Mr. Hamoonga stated that Namposya reported that her niece Bulemu Kafunda aged 36, a Nurse at Kawambwa Hospital was brutally murdered by Davy Chishiba aged 21 who was being kept by the deceased.

“Brief facts of the matter are that In 2016 the now deceased bought a smallholding at a nearby village in Filope Area, whilst there she identified a boy who by then was not doing anything. She decided to take custody of the boy namely Davy Chishiba and enrolled him at Kawambwa Skills School whilst staying with him in town. The deceased continued staying with the boy now the suspect at her house whilst providing him everything including school requirements,” he stated.

Mr. Hamoonga stated that during the six years of staying with him the deceased noticed some changes of behavior from the boy like coming home late, sneaking into her bedroom and doing other strange activities.

“On 22nd November 2021, the boy wrote his last grade twelve examinations paper.
The deceased immediately summoned the father to the boy and explained the bad behavior of the boy. They concluded that the boy should move back to the village since he had finished grade twelve.

Upon hearing that both the boy and the father were not happy though the father agreed,” he stated.

On 27th November 2021, both the deceased and the boy now the suspect retired to bed not knowing the boy had made arrangements with other people to kill his guardian.
Mr. Hamoonga stated that the deceased did not report for work on November 26 and her supervisor failed to contact her because her phone was off.

“On 30th November 2021 around 18:10 hours the matter was reported at Kawambwa Police station and a follow-up was made by Police. Upon searching at the house the officers found a written note on the deceased’s bed stating that; She was raped by an unknown person hence she felt ashamed of what had happened that she has gone to the farm in Filope Area. The note further stated that 10% of her properties should be given to M/Davy Chishiba. A search was extended to her farm and nothing was found at the farm through the caretaker M/Chishimba other names not known was present,” he stated.
Mr Hamoonga stated that another search was conducted around the house in town where officers discovered burnt human bones in a rubbish pit with remains of burnt tires.

He stated that police picked up the remains of the deceased and deposited them in Kawambwa District Hospital Mortuary for further examination.

Mr. Hamoonga stated that the two suspects have since been apprehended and are leading the officers to the crime scene and also for the apprehension of others who are alleged to have jointly acted together.

He named the suspects as Davy Chishiba Senior and Davy Chishiba Junior, adding that Police are investigating the matter.

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