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Kcm Attains $27 Million For Annual Smelter Shutdown

To undertake the yearly shutdown of the Nchanga smelter, which periodically needs an infrastructure upgrade to boost productivity and efficiency, Konkola Copper Mines Plc (KCM) has acquired financing.

The 45-day bi-annual smelter shutdown, which will also occur between July and August, is intended to increase the asset’s lifespan.

The mine will spend $27.63 million, according to KCM Provisional Liquidator CELINE NAIR, on upgrades to the control system, replacement of units in the gas stream, and renovation of the 1,850 tonnes per day acid plant.

According to her, the shutdown work would improve operational effectiveness and production at the smelter, which will result in higher revenue for KCM and its subsidiary, the KCM SmelterCo Limited.

The plant and equipment would have been renovated to equally extend the life of the mine, according to Ms. NAIR, which will result in additional benefits such as a decrease in maintenance costs.

She adds that KCM’s top objective was to guarantee that the asset’s integrity was improved in order to maintain jobs while the government looked for a long-term fix.

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