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Kelly Khumalo won’t quit Gospel Music over Hate

Kelly Khumalo has once again taken aim at those who profess to love God but bully others on social media. The star was dragged recently after she posted a snap of herself in the bathtub, with her underwear lying on the floor. Sis was lambasted for “not respecting herself”, while others questioned how she could sing gospel music when she was posting such racy snaps. Kelly hit back in an Instagram video, asking her critics how the snap defined her relationship with God.

“I am still battling to understand how a picture in a bathtub, and a pair of knickers on the floor, define my relationship with God. For the longest time, I have watched the so-called Christians getting away with judging people to the extent where we have people that fear going to the house of the Lord or fear being vocal about their relationship with God because people will judge them.

Kelly Khumalo
She said that her choices had nothing to do with anyone and she would continue singing gospel music for as long as she wanted. My choices, my life, my relationship with God has absolutely nothing to do with you. I will continue to sing gospel music, whenever I feel like. I will not have you or anyone else try take that away from me.

One fan called on Kelly to apologise for the racy picture, but the songstress was not having any of it and told her to take a hike. Take your love and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Apologise for what?” she said. Kelly has spoken before on the hate she has received, telling fans that hate had a habit of returning to its sender. We project so much hate towards others and forget that the very same hate is enough to drive God to open a flood of blessings towards those we spend so much energy hating on,” she wrote.

In other news – Cassper Nyovest not happy with SA giving out 800 000 masks to Italy #Coronavirus

Cassper Nyovest expressed his unhappiness with South Africa giving 800 000 masks to Italy. As panic about the coronavirus spreads, so does worry that the country won’t be able to deal with the issue.

Cassper Nyovest

However, giving away the masks is not as serious, and more are being made to meet demand. Read more

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