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Kenyans Shocked by “Office of First Daughter”

Online, Kenyans are expressing shock over the potential presence of an office of the first daughter connected to the second-born child of President William Ruto.

Charlene Ruto is seen addressing a crowd in a video that has gone viral online while appearing at a summit in Tanzania. She introduces her “team from Kenya,” which includes her adviser and another person who serves as the “director of trade and investments at the office of the first daughter.”

The audience seems to applaud and laugh aloud in response.

As Ms. Ruto tries to move the introductions along, she answers, “I don’t get what is hilarious.”

The office of the first daughter is not recognized by Kenyan law, and its establishment has not been made public knowledge.

Kenyans have voiced their disapproval over the use of taxpayer funds online.

A Kenyan user of Twitter writes, “Charlene Ruto introducing her staff from the office of the first daughter who are paid with government money despite being an illegal office.”

Another person shares the video and inquires as to how the office came to be.

Since her father became president, Ms. Ruto has been constantly visiting leaders across the nation and attending international forums to meet foreign dignitaries.

On Wednesday, she was among the subjects that were trending online.

Due to her numerous political commitments, she has previously caused online controversies. As a result of her resemblance to Ivanka Trump, daughter of former US president Donald Trump, she has been dubbed Quickmart Ivanka on Twitter.

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