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Khanyi Mbau still plans on changing her appearance even more

Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau is still planning on giving haters heart palpitations as she recently revealed in an interview with YFM, that she plans on looking like a blue Avatar. After achieving the ‘Barbie doll’ look, Khanyi has even bigger plans for her looks and will leave people startled.

By blue avatar, she means those alien-like people from the famous James Cameron movie Avatar. The media personality says she has achieved her goals of having a lighter frame and skin, as she aspired to look like Barbie. It is not just her face that received the transformation, but her entire body.

She shared a snippet from the interview with YFM on her Instagram but clearly after the rude comments she has decided to delete it. A follower encouraged her by writing, “If I could turn this body blue I’d do it…” another commented, “”You’re very good with words.”

Khanyi Mbau Metanoia

Judging from her recent Instagram post, it is clear that not everyone is a major fan of her transformation. It is no secret that Khanyi has chosen to got the cosmetic route and change her appearance by lightening her skin. She has spoken proudly and candidly about it and often times she shrugs off the mean comments.

Her comments section from her latest post is filled with offensive name-calling and people giving her a thumbs down.
Mbau has been praised for her speech and her ability to captivate a listener when she drops balls of wisdom. In her interview with Pearl Thusi on Behind The Story with Pearl, she reiterated what we already knew, public opinion does not deter her from living her best life.

“Your loyalty lies with yourself first .. I’m glad they like me .. but I like myself more.

“I’m not going to baby you and say ya I understand, hey girl we all have been through a lot get over it. Block the noise and be you,” said Khanyi.

In an Instagram post, Khanyi stated that the skin-lightening process began in 2011, after she realised that white makeup artists were unable to cater to her skin tone. In an attempt to rectify this issue, the actress decided to start taking Glutathione IV drips and pills, which was ultimately useless. Eventually she realised that the only way to achieve lighter skin was to use surface products, as it had the most effective results.

Khanyi further clarified that by her lightening her skin, she was not looking down upon others with darker skin. She stated that it was her personal chose, and having fair skin made her look fresh and ‘glowy.

Whatever opinions trolls have about her, will not stop her from pursuing that ‘crazy’ idea she wants to achieve. Whether she was just making a joke or actually being serious, one thing is for sure, Khanyi Mbau always has that element of surprise.

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