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Drama! Kidist and Mwizukanji at war – Rumour has it Bukata is not Yo Maps’ child


Yo Maps‘ fiancee “Kidist” today took it to social media to issue a statement pertaining Yo Maps’ relationship with his daughter Bukata. This follows after Bukata won a Diamond TV‘s Personality of the year Award of which both Kidist and Yo Maps didnt congratulate her which led to uproar from fans.

The Statement was issued on behalf of Yo Maps, at least according to Kidist. In the long statement attached below, Kidist narrates how Mwizukanji has been declining to sit down with Yo Maps and elders to discuss child support. She also revealed that Mwizukanji at one point even said Bukata isn’t Yo Maps’ Child and has been declining any effort by the couple to reach out.

Kidist further disclosed the only option they have now is to take the legal route!

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