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Kim Kardashian enjoys a girls night out following Kanye split

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After seven years of marriage, she filed for divorce from Kanye West last week. The initial report that Kim Kardashian West was dropping the West was immediately overshadowed by the zoo of men dressed as Viking fertility art storming Capitol Hill, the announcement felt like a fever dream.

But the divorce is imminent, and it was Kanye’s erratic presidential bid that allegedly tipped the marriage balance from manageable to divorce-able.Kim Kardashian West

It’s never nice when couples break up, and like Daft Punk, we are witnessing the demolition of a creative powerhouse. We never know the true interior worlds of the celebrities we follow like deities; we can see their breakfasts, but can we ever truly know their thoughts? Kim and Kanye always seemed so right for each other, each marveling at the other and enamored with what they saw.

They felt authentically hooked on one another, genuinely and continually mutually impressed. I’ll honestly be gutted when they eventually turn up on Raya. Some celebrity brands are so pure, so non-constructed, that they cannot dilute.

Gwyneth Paltrow is pure Gwyneth Paltrow, she could not be any more Gwyneth Paltrow. Cut Kim open and she bleeds pure Kim. Kanye is the same, following his God-complex impulses, with different degrees of success.Kim-Kardashian-West

Despite the pressure of life in the glaring spotlight—which they both bask in willingly—the relationship worked. She’s been publicly so compassionate to her husband and his bipolar disorder and his manic episodes, gently schooling us on how to be around someone in that state, how to give them support and space.

Obviously, it will be ghoulishly gripping TV, giving the devoted audience more of what they want: the story behind the story.

Relationship epilogues are funny things, seldom agreed on by both parties, but with the show taping her during another personal crisis, she’s yet again the author of the chapter. As always, Kim owns the message.


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