Kim Kardashian left in tears as Kanye West comes to her rescue

Kanye West appeared for the first time on “The Kardashians” and he came off as the hero, as Kim Kardashian sobbed after he retrieved the hard drive containing her full s.e.x tape video.

It’s a fascinating encounter Kim and Kanye were going through their divorce at the time, but he seemed like family as he first interacted with a very grateful Kris Jenner before watching Kim unzip the suitcase that contained the hard drive.

Ye flew from New York to L.A. to meet Ray J at the airport, and that’s when Ray presented Ye with presumably all the raw video.

As you know, there were stories floating around that another sex tape was in the offing … something that alarmed Kim enough to sick her lawyer on whoever was about to release it.

Turns out the hard drive was proof positive, no other footage exists therefore, no new s.e.x tape.

The interaction between Kanye and Kim is interesting .they seem to have a real connection … something that later evaporated as Kanye went in hard on Kim’s new BF, Pete Davidson.

The encounter at the end of the clip is super interesting there’s clear affection between Kris and Kanye.


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Uncle Waffles

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