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Interesting things to know about Kondwani Kaira aka Chef 187

Chef 187

Kondwani Kaira, better known by his stage name Chef 187, is a Zambian hip hop musician, a former Infinix ambassador and former Proflight ambassador[2][3] from the Copperbelt Province signed under Alpha Entertainments Music. A younger brother of Macky 2, he says that the name Chef 187 means to kill, cook and serve (chef) while 187 is the slang term for murder used by the American police. Another interpretation states that if music is like food, then he is the chef.

Kondwani Kaira

Chef 187 1st showed interest in music when he was 5, but he only considered it as a career in 2003 after seeing his elder brother Macky 2[1] becoming successful in the music industry. In 2005 he recorded his first song. In 2010 he collaborated with Macky 2, performing a diss track entitled “2010”, targeted at rapper Slap Dee of XYZ entertainment records.

Kondwani Kaira

Chef 187 has stated that he chooses not to reveal his year of birth so that people do not associate his music with his age. In a post on his Twitter, he posted But how come not a single one is brave enough (or cared enough) to ask me how old I was turning.

Kondwani Kaira

Anyways I was celebrating my 33th birthday FYI.” However, due to the nature of the context it is unknown whether he was joking or not, and is yet to officially reveal his year of birth.

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