Home Scandals Konyagi gives men E-rections for Days

Konyagi gives men E-rections for Days


Konyagi gives men E-rections for Days. This might be the best news Zambian men have ever heard. Or rather the women are the happiest either way authorities are not letting it down so easily.

According to Mwebantu, the Tanzanian Spirit Konyagi has the ability to give men prolonged e-rections. The Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia (PSZ) has submitted Konyagi from Tanzania to the Zambia Medicine Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) for tests following reports that it gives men prolonged e-rections.


“We have received some complaints from the public about Konyagi, an alcoholic drink from Tanzania which is making men have an e-rection after taking it. We want to find out if the beer is fit for consumption and whether it contains an a-phrodisiac,”

More to follow… But as of now, I would suggest men stay away from the drink but I know you will not. I am pretty sure ladies will be buying this drink for their men as birthday presents.

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