Home Zambia News KUANDA targets over 2,000 youths for empowerment

KUANDA targets over 2,000 youths for empowerment

KUANDA targets over 2,000 youths for empowerment
Mwembeshi Ward 27 area councilor Kelvin Kaunda says his office is targeting over 100 cooperatives that will be empowered in different sectors of the country’s economy.
Kaunda who last week empowered women and marketeers of Matero, has now shifted his focus to youths with an opportunity to start up different projects.
Types of projects include Timber and honey value chain; Micro, small and medium enterprise; Agriculture, Resettlement of youth in youth Resettlement schemes, skills Development programs,Youth innovation fund; pave youth zambia empowerment program; construction,Youth milling plants; manufacturing; Youth in the transport,Tourism sector and any other sector.
KUANDA targets over 2,000 youths for empowerment
“I wish to extend an opportunity to many creative and deserving youths in our community like we did for the women and marketeers, youths who are willing to say goodbye to social media and start up something that they can use to generate income.”he said.
“Our land is fertile for investment, entrepreneurship and creativity that is based on hard work and selflessness. We can not say it is done if we do not creat opportunity for the majority of our population(Yufi). Leaders for tomorrow.”
He added for youths to benefit from the said projects,they need to form cooperatives or have already existing youth groups,with a constitution.
“The ward office is eager to assist all interested applicants to come through and collect application forms to form cooperatives of 15 to 20 members each till next week Monday, “he said
“Our target is to get about 100 cooperatives, each with at least 15—20 members roughly to empower about 2,000 plus youths in this particular phase,” added Kaunda.
Source: Kalemba