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Lack of desks forces students at Senanga School to sit on floor

Due to a shortage of suitable desks in the classrooms, some students at Itufa Primary School in Senanga District, Western Province, have been attending lessons while sat on the floor.

The school, which has over 600 students enrolled daily, is almost 100 desks short.

Additionally, SITUMBEKO LYAMBA, the school’s headteacher, revealed to ZNBC News that students are learning in turns because of the difficulties posed by desks.

Ms. LYAMBA is however confident that the desks provided by the Constituency Development Fund—CDF—will be useful to the school.

Furthermore, Senenga District Commissioner ZITA SIPALO has promised to work with the appropriate parties to see that Itufa Primary School gets school desks.

In order to make sure the school is included on the list of schools to receive desks, Ms. SIPALO says the local Member of Parliament will be contacted.

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