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I’m straight – Lasizwe rejects Boyfriend proposal from a Fan


Lasizwe rejects Boyfriend proposal from a Fan! Lasizwe may be single and ready to mingle, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have standards.

The YouTuber and reality TV star has often spoken out about being single and wanting to find his bae, and has even told fans of his celebrity crushes.


But that doesn’t necessarily mean he is taking boyfriend applications.


One fan found this out the hard way after he tried to shoot his shot with the Fake It Till You Make It star… and unfortunately it didn’t go down well…


The tweep straight out asked Lasizwe; “Can I be your boyfriend”.

But instead of laughing it off or even ignoring it, Lasizwe crushed his fan’s big dreams when he responded; “I’m straight”.

Followers had a field day at the expense of the poor tweep.

Askies! Rejection is a hard pill to swallow…

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