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PIC: DJ Sbu’s latest looks leave fans really worried

The latest photo of DJ Sbu making rounds on social media has left Mzansi in complete shock. The radio DJ and businessman is seeing absolutely nothing wrong with his recent image as he still continues to go in public which makes fans worrisome about his well-being.

DJ Sbu

Fans have declared to stop buying his energy drinks MoFaya if that will make them end up looking like him. As recent images of DJ Sbu are making rounds on social media which has left fans in complete shock over his well-being.

DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu is looking rather out of shape, more so like someone who does not look after himself. And that is the main reason that has raised eyebrows for some of his fans, if not Mzansi at large.

Some of DJ Sbu’s fans has gone to justify his look on basis of his supposedly spiritual journey called Africanism. Other fans are really not buying what DJ Sbu is selling. As they dispute that being an African does not mean one should not look after themselves, especially someone of his caliber, social media standing, and status.

Taking to Twitter, fans have raised concerns about DJ Sbu’s recent look and in all honesty, they may have a valid point. A battle of opinions and words is currently underway on Twitter and fans are throwing in their two cents over what they have coined as shocking, for a lack of a better word over DJ Sbu’s recent image.

Whatever the case may be, we would like to wish DJ Sbu good health and all the success in the world.


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