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Lilly Mutambo – I have been used and dumped by UPND


UPND Munali Constituency aspirant Lilian Mutambo cries that her party has used her for nothing. This is during adoption primaries…
Opposition UPND aspiring candidate for Munali Constituency Lilian Mutambo has expressed shock at the dishonesty and corruption prevalent in UPND.

In the on-going adoptions of candidate, Lilian was beaten by former Lusaka Mayor, Mike Mposha who scored 190 votes against Lilian’s 30, and is accused of bribing party officials.

Lilian, a gospel singer and YouTube personality, and is based in the United Kingdom, claimed she has invested in Munali Constituency, funded funerals and empowered youths than Mposha.
She also claimed that she has supported the opposition party with money, mobilisation and materials than Mposha.

Lilian says the UPND has taken her for a fool and has threatened to stand as an independent candidate in Munali Constituency.

Mposha is a veteran in Munali and stood in 2011 and 2016 under the MMD Party.
UPND adoption have been marred by violence, corruption and widespread irregularities. -The Candidates

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