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Little Israela’s body arrives for burial – Photos

The father, Prophet Sheperd Bushiri, writes:
Dear Israela,
As I am welcoming you back home- from where you made your last breath, my heart I pour out to you. We’re told over and over that the Lord gives and He takes away
Until we almost expect to be left empty-handed.

But sometimes we find in our loss
That every dark room is an opportunity
For even the smallest of lights to shine bright.
What shall we say, therefore, as we stand
Before the gates of Heaven?
Shall we drown in rivers of our own tears
Or raise shaking hands even as the rain falls,
And return to God His glory as you have?
What do falling leaves return to the tree
When their season is past?
Do they not fall gracefully,
Secure in the knowledge that good fruits last?
What shall we offer, therefore,
In exchange for every blessing you embodied?
Shall we curse the skies for hiding the sun
Or bless the Lord for the stars of night
And find courage on this exodus?
Sweet miracle, by the breath of your lungs
Our own voices are fuelled to worship.
May our hearts of stone be broken in love
To teach us the service of humble reverence.
Hallelujah and Amen
For a life, though short, lived to the fullest.
Glory be for smiles in the midst of disaster
And a soul always working for the Master
And how you commanded peace with your laughter.
Hallelujah and Amen
For an angel, both on Earth and in Heaven.
Glory be for the simplicity of your works
And giving us even more to put our faith in
And going ahead to be our saint in waiting.
Sweet Israella, Princess of God,
Though we cannot touch you anymore,
Your light will lead us safely home.
We love, honour and celebrate you
Now and forever

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