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Somizi and Shauwn Mkhize show off their multi-million rand Louis Vuitton outfits & bags – Pictures

Somizi and Shauwn Mkhize

Entertainer Somizi Mhlongo and entrepreneur Shauwn Mkhize have become fast friends since Shauwn came onto the entertainment scene with her new reality show, KwaMamkhize.

The two who are known for their love for the finer things in life continue to flex for the masses and give us chest pains.

Somizi and Shauwn Mkhize

After dragging black Twitter for filth over what he termed “black on black hate” after a popular businessman apologized for buying a fleet of cars at a sensitive time like this. He proceeded to show us just how little he cares for people for want to drag him for the way he spends his money.

Somizi and Shauwn Mkhize

In a picture posted of Twitter Somizi and Shauwn had us eating out of the palms of their hands as the duo wore matching Louis Vuitton outfits, right down to the shoes! What had us breathing through the wound was the backdrop.

Check this video:

The pair were standing in front of what looked like their combined Louis Vuitton bag collection.

As usual fans were floored and wanted a piece of the action.

While the majority of tweeps loved the flex, there were a few salty tweeps who joined the chat.

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DJ Black Coffee

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