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Lulu Haangala Responds To Religious Minister Over Dress Code

Lulu Hangala Wood

“”With all the love and respect in my heart I would like to speak on the recent “Proposed Dress code ” by the Ministry of Religion.

I might have kept silent IF the Minister had not come up with an “explanation”.
As someone who has heard first hand from girls and women that have suffered s_exual abuse AND as I have experienced attempted rape around the age of 11 whilst dressed DECENTLY. I really am baffled by the statement. I really thought this ministry ESPECIALLY would be more in touch with reality. A man will still rape a fully dressed baby or a woman who is “decently” dressed.

Why aren’t your energies focused on creating laws that harshly punish the abusers? We know the system has let go of so many offenders and pass lenient sentences. We have seen the system give prominent positions to offenders who go on to continue their twisted ways.

Why further oppress women of their freedom to wear want they want. Or is it because men in Zambia are superior to women?

Here’s an idea… Create programs for young men from a tender age that will teach men to RESPECT girls and women. Work on changing some of the disgusting cultures that further encourage perpetrators to believe they can do whatever they feel like to a woman.
Will things change immediately NO, but it will definitely help to to , as you say “reduce s_exual offences”.

With Love

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