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Lungu campaigns for Bill 10 in Chavuma

Lungu campaigns for Bill 10 in Chavuma

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has observed that Chavuma District of North -Western Province is under developed in terms of infrastructure due to lack of proper representation in Parliament.
And President Lungu says there is need for people to support the Constitution amendments Bill number 10 because it has progressive articles that empowers government to gazette Chiefs, according to a story posted on the State House Facebook page.

Speaking when the President met traditional leaders from Chavuma yesterday, he said traditional leaders should advocate for peace and unity among their subjects.

He wondered why the North-Western province had continued to record differences especially among the Luvale and Lunda tribes.
President Lungu said traditional leaders have an important role to ensure that the “One Zambia One Nation” Motto is upheld as a way of promoting the peace and unity that the country’s forefathers fought for.

“We are one Zambia One Nation, so issues of boundaries like the Zambezi River should not divide us but should rather unite us. You traditional leaders should be a sobering factor and ensure that we promote peace and unity among subjects,” he said.
President Lungu said he was disappointed that matters between the two tribes have continued to escalate as evidence through various court cases.

He noted that he would soon engage lawyers and him being a lawyer, would need to study the Supreme Court judgement before he could intervene in the matter.

And President Lungu said currently he has no powers to gazette any chief as it is against the country’s Constitution.

“This is why there is need for people to support the amendments on Bill number 10 which has progressive articles such as the one on the gazetting of Chiefs,” said President Lungu.

And speaking on behalf of the traditional leaders, Chavuma District Traditional Leaders Chairperson Maison Lufupa called on Government to help in developing the area.

Lufupa told the Head of State that the district had no police station and the road network was in a deplorable state.

And President Lungu assured the Chiefs that Government will attend to their developmental needs to ensure that all parts of the country were developed.
The President is still in Kabompo District.